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The toxic aftermath of an alleged $8m drug bust

Backyard drug labs are popping up ever more frequently throughout Australian suburbs – but what many people don’t know is the toxic trail they leave behind.

A Current Affair was given an inside look at the police squad that spends its days busting the bad labs in Aussie neighbourhoods.

One bust showed a seemingly normal suburban house – a sprinkler on the lawn, a normal interior.

However, police will allege the ensuite bathroom included a selection of equipment used for drying drugs.

The alleged cook was charged with numerous offences.
Police will allege there were enough precursor chemicals to produce $8 million worth of MDA.

In the spare bedroom, next to a huge Lego collection, police claim they found a similarly designated area.

“They had sufficient laboratory equipment to produce great quantities of MDA,” Detective Inspector Denzil Clark of the Queensland Police Drug Squad said.

He said police would allege there were sufficient precursor chemicals to

Read more at: http://www.9news.com.au/national/2017/10/26/18/30/the-toxic-aftermath-of-an-alleged-8m-dollar-drug-bust