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1 Suspect Dead, 1 In Custody After Deadly Shooting Of St. Paul Family

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — St. Paul police have a 23-year-old man in custody following the murder of his ex-girlfriend and her family.

They arrested him two hours after the shootings hiding in a nearby shed with the couple’s 18-month-old child.

The killings happened in an apartment building at the corner of English Street and Larpenteur Avenue on the city’s east side.

Police were called to the scene around 1 a.m. where they discovered three dead and another woman injured.

Police are still trying to piece together this horrific murder scene and tell WCCO they believe two young men were responsible.

One of those suspects was found outside dead, the other is now in jail.

wade mcintosh maria and olivia 1 Suspect Dead, 1 In Custody After Deadly Shooting Of St. Paul Family

Wade McIntosh,

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Police: Sacramento quadruple homicide suspect confessed to cousin

A week after a quadruple homicide stunned a south Land Park neighborhood, Sacramento police said the suspect initially confessed to the crime to his cousin.

Salvador Vasquez-Oliva, 56, called his cousin last week who then called police and repeated what he’d learned, Capt. Dave Peletta said.

“Our suspect had come to his house earlier in the morning and confessed to something very horrific,” Peletta said. “The complainant then called us and said, ‘It’s very unusual, he’s a relative of mine, but I hadn’t seen him for an extended period time. So, it was very odd that he would come here and throw this out on me.’”

When officers arrived at the home, they picked the lock and discovered, what Peletta described as, a “horrific crime scene.”

Peletta told this information to a group of neighbors gathered for a community meeting Wednesday night, six days after the

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Serial killer key suspect in horrific thrift shop killing of Renita Brunton

A serial killer has been identified as a key suspect in the unsolved cold case killing of Victorian thrift shop owner Renita Brunton.

In Wednesday night’s Million Dollar Cold Case, sadistic killer Peter Dupas was revealed as a suspect in a fourth murder with police now offering a $1 million reward for information on Ms Brunton’s death.

The married mother-of-one was murdered inside her second hand clothing store in the middle of the day on a busy Sunbury shopping strip back in 1993.

Dupas is currently serving three consecutive life sentences for murder.

Renita Brunton was murdered in 1993. Picture: 7 News
Serial killer Peter Dupas has been linked to the case. Picture: 7 News

According to police, Ms Brunton’s killer would have left the scene

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Murder suspect held on $1 million bond

SPOKANE, Wash. – Spokane County Sheriff’s detectives have arrested the person allegedly responsible for chopping a man to death in front of the victim’s 8-year-old daughter.

John A. Radavich was booked into the Spokane County Jail Thursday night after a friend secretly recorded Radavich’s confession during a phone call.

The 8-year-old girl’s family is very relieved to have have Radavich behind bars, because Radavich took a great deal of time attacking the girl’s father, he also saw and spoke to the child. So, up until now, the 8-year-old’s mom was worried Radavich might try to silence the only eye witness in this gruesome murder.

Even Major Crimes detectives were repulsed by the level of violence deployed in the murder.

Victim Bob Tester, the nephew of a U.S. senator, was hacked to death while his daughter witnessed part of the attack.

“You’re familiar with just how traumatic that crime scene was for both the victim’s daughter

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