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When Water From Across Hall Starts Flooding Mom’s Apartment, Neighbor’s Grisly Secret is Exposed

Maelynn Arellano was forced to call building management days ago when water started seeping into her apartment.

The mother of two who lives at View Point Apartments outside of Denver, Colorado, told KDVR that she called maintenance to report that water was leaking into her family’s apartment from across the hall.

Although she called on the evening of March 14, crews weren’t sent until morning.

That’s when she was told the gruesome news.

“They said, ‘you know, we’re recommending you guys call a 24-hour crime scene cleanup crew out here to get this water out, because it’s contaminated,'” she said.

When the crime scene clean up crew arrived, the news was even more distressing. Arellano was told:

“You need to get, for you and your kids, a week’s worth of stuff, medications, paperwork, whatever you need for your infant and for your other daughter and yourself for a week.”

Across the hall, lying in several inches of waste

Read more at: http://ijr.com/2017/03/826810-water-flooding-moms-apartment-points-grisly-scene-unit-next-door/