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Prosecutors seek life sentence in Lubbock woman’s ‘inhumane’ stabbing death

Courtney Boyd, an assistant Lubbock County district attorney, stood before jurors Tuesday and used her opening statement to prepare them for the gruesome case they were about to hear. She told them that, after hearing the evidence in the case, she was confident they would find the only punishment that would bring justice to the family of a slain 23-year-old woman was a life sentence for her killer, Ruben Ramos III.

“Nothing changes the cruelty of the crime you’re going to see,” she said. “Nothing fixes the inhumane way Nakasha Nolan died.”

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Ramos, 23, on Monday pleaded guilty to murder before jury selection in his trial in the 364th District Court. He faces a punishment of five years to life in

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London manslaughter trial hears efforts to treat stabbing victims

By the time paramedics got Shane Sturgess to the hospital, his pulse was too weak to find.

Sturgess had already lost a lot of blood, Middlesex-London EMS paramedic Matthew Procek testified Tuesday at Frederick Oag’s manslaughter trial.

The puncture wound to Sturgess’s upper thigh had cut the left femoral artery, a major artery in the body, and blood had been spurting out.

But that had stopped by the time the ambulance pulled into Victoria Hospital and Sturgess was raced into the trauma unit.

The dramatics of trying to save Sturgess, 44, and the paramedics’ dealings with his wounded friend Mark Desousa, 43, shortly after they had been stabbed was the focus of the Superior Court jury trial Tuesday morning.

Oag, 41, has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter and aggravated assault in the altercation Nov. 9, 2014, with Sturgess and Desousa outside his door.

The jury has heard that there was a confrontation between Oag and

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Students stunned by fatal stabbing of bus driver

Hundreds of students and faculty trudged past police tape and a bloody crime scene Tuesday just hours after a Winnipeg Transit driver was stabbed and killed at a prominent confluence on campus.

The scene at the corner of Gillson Street and Dafoe Road is right outside Tache Hall; kitty corner to the school’s engineering building; a few hundred metres from University Centre and visible from a window seat at the Elizabeth Dafoe Library, the U of M’s most utilized resource centre.

Buses were slightly detoured while police investigated the death of Irvine Fraser, who was attacked and left for dead on Gillson, where a large pool of blood remained.

Students used camera phones to snap pictures of the scene, while some arriving later in the day were unaware anything had occurred until stumbling upon the scene and asking assembled media what happened.

Carlissa Dyck, a first-year student from Altona, said she takes the bus

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OSU-OKC grad recognized for aiding stabbing victim in Oklahoma City

Austin Schudalla pulled into his parking lot late one night and heard people screaming for help.

The screams were coming from a bloody crime scene where a baby had been stabbed to death and two other people were seriously injured.

It happened about 12:25 a.m. on July 11, 2016, at the Cambridge Landing Apartments in the 8800 block of S Drexel Boulevard. Ezekiel Veloz, 8 months old, died at the scene, and police later said she was killed by her mother, Raven Veloz, 22.

Also stabbed were Sophia Veloz, 4, and Sergio Garcia, 28, the boyfriend of Raven Veloz.

Schudalla is credited with saving Garcia’s life.

A graduate of Oklahoma State University — Oklahoma City, his emergency response training kicked in when he spotted the man covered in blood, according to a news release.

“I noticed the victim was bleeding severely from the chest from stab wounds,” Schudalla said.

“It looked like he was stabbed at least

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Man gets 75 years for stabbing mother, son

Lubbock Judge William Eichman told 47-year-old Juan Martinez on Tuesday he believed Martinez didn’t intend to kill a 36-year-old mother of three when he entered their central Lubbock home on the morning of Thanksgiving 2015. However, Eichman said he believed Martinez’s attack on Elizabeth Lopez and her son was deliberate and his record of violence showed he was a danger to society.

“This was a pretty violent incident,” Eichman told Martinez as pictures of the bloody crime scene were displayed on a projector screen in the courtroom.

Martinez entered an open plea of guilty Friday to a three-count indictment of burglary of a habitation with intent to commit injury to a child, aggravated assault and retaliation. Martinez asked Eichman to determine his punishment.

Martinez, who in 1988 was convicted in the stabbing death of his mother’s ex-boyfriend and then was convicted of possessing a shiv in his prison cell, faced a punishment of

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