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Setting the Scene

The Clinton High School library was operating under a little different circumstances Thursday morning.

It was still filled with students. The usual couches, chairs and computer tables were all in place. However, in a small room off to the side, there was a horrific crime scene.

The fictional crime scene, featuring a suspicious corpse, broken and strewn furniture, unknown pills, and other artifacts, was all part of CHS’s Project Lead the Way, more specifically the class Principles of Biomedical Science. Students, under the direction of instructor Tami Cottrell, have now been tasked with thoroughly examining the crime scene and drawing conclusions by the end of the unit.

The class aims to combine traditional sciences such as biology and chemistry with the medical field. It provides a true hands-on experience for the class, Cottrell says.

“The idea behind this course is that we have a victim who has passed away, and it is now our

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