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Serial Cleaner for Xbox One review: A blood-splattered stealth puzzler that’s well worth $15

Serial Cleaner is one of those rare titles that show up every now and then and do something unique.

In Serial Cleaner, your job isn’t to run around shooting villains or being a gangster. Instead, it’s your job to clean up the mess after various scenes of carnage have already unfolded.

Working for various shady characters, Bob “The Cleaner” Leaner travels from hit to hit, steam cleaner in hand, removing evidence, mopping up blood, and disposing of dead bodies. Serial Cleaner is certainly among the most unique games I’ve played so far on Xbox One, but is this stealth ’em up worth $15, or is it taking you to the cleaners?

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Serial Cleaner: What you’ll love

Serial Cleaner takes place in the 1970s, and it draws more inspiration from movies than video games. Indeed, you can even discover hidden film reels and unlock

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