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Walk Like MADD 5K at JetBlue Park highlights impacts of drunken driving, power of community – The News






Runners and walkers participated in the largest 5K fundraiser in MADD Southwest Florida’s history on Saturday at JetBlue Park.
Amanda Inscore/news-press.com

Never underestimate the power of a mom. 

Or a sister.

Lauren Harkins spent eight months helping the Fort Myers Police Department track down the teenager who killed her brother, 27-year-old Evan

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Federal Judge: Cops Have Power to Make You Crap In Your Pants

Lady, judges say I can disregard human compassion and common decency in my job as a public servant.EXPAND

Did a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer violate a female motorist’s constitutional rights by repeatedly blocking her access to an Orange County bathroom while she fought a losing battle against a rapid onslaught of diarrhea?

For Toni Antonellis, a well-respected San Diego food entrepreneur, and Aaron Rothberg, a CHP officer who once worked on Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s protection detail, that question isn’t hypothetical.

Fate placed Antonellis and Rothberg together before noon on the southbound 5 freeway near El Toro Road on June 18, 2014. Earlier that day, Antonellis attended a food vendors’ event in Ventura County, then while driving through Costa Mesa, she began to feel severe gastric pain.

“I started having stomach cramps and thought something was off,” she recalled in

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