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Could This First-Ever True Crime Podcast Be The Next Thing To Grip The Nation?

The Cleaning of John Doe is an invitation to see a true crime scene in a way that has never been done before! Crime fascinates people. That is why a host of entertainment shows and series are dedicated to the world of crime in one way or another. Some have been going for decades and show no sign of ‘dying’. Sometimes storylines are morbid, at other times they are exotic or even verging on bizarre, yet one factor remains the same; an abundance of adoring fans are riveted to the spot as they wait for the next installment.

How or why crime stories fascinate the human psyche is something which may never fully be understood. Perhaps it is the fact that it engages that basic, yet powerful, emotion in-built in every human; fear. Crime entertainment allows people to experience the fear of threat, without that threat becoming part of their reality.


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