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‘We make peace with the fact we might not make it back home’: Cops reveal how the force copes with police shootings …

Police officers have revealed how the job ‘slowly eats us away’ in a searingly frank documentary about slain cops.

A SWAT officer says that he gets sent on ‘horrific calls every day’ like looking people in their eyes as they take their last breath .

The cop says he has to ‘bury it deep inside’ and, unable to speak to their families, cops are ‘just left to figure out how not to lose ourselves’.

Another officer who survived multiple stabbings, Thomas Marchese, 43, says that every day that they walk out the door, cops have to ‘make peace with the fact we might not make it back home’.

Marchese exclusively told the DailyMail.com how he used his experience to help ‘crack the shell’ of silence and persuade serving officers to speak to him for his documentary, ‘Fallen’. 

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Read more at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4859286/Cops-open-force-deals-police-shootings.html