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London manslaughter trial hears efforts to treat stabbing victims

By the time paramedics got Shane Sturgess to the hospital, his pulse was too weak to find.

Sturgess had already lost a lot of blood, Middlesex-London EMS paramedic Matthew Procek testified Tuesday at Frederick Oag’s manslaughter trial.

The puncture wound to Sturgess’s upper thigh had cut the left femoral artery, a major artery in the body, and blood had been spurting out.

But that had stopped by the time the ambulance pulled into Victoria Hospital and Sturgess was raced into the trauma unit.

The dramatics of trying to save Sturgess, 44, and the paramedics’ dealings with his wounded friend Mark Desousa, 43, shortly after they had been stabbed was the focus of the Superior Court jury trial Tuesday morning.

Oag, 41, has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter and aggravated assault in the altercation Nov. 9, 2014, with Sturgess and Desousa outside his door.

The jury has heard that there was a confrontation between Oag and

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