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DNA technique leads to break in Coral Springs homicide case

Coral Springs police had a complicated and unwieldy case on their hands in 2011, after restaurant worker Michael Todd Hamilton, 31, was stabbed multiple times and died in his apartment.

Out of hundreds of witnesses and persons of interest, more than 40 people had given detectives their DNA to compare to evidence left behind at the bloody crime scene.

“The investigation took us in many different directions,” Detective Sgt. Scott Myers, who oversaw the case, said during a press conference Monday. Last week, the agency made the second arrest in the capital homicide case that it said will be presented to a Broward County grand jury.

It took several years to isolate and identify suspects’ blood from what was found in Hamilton’s apartment in the 9800 block of Northwest 33rd Street.

Bloody crime scene, burned body leads to murder charge

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — An empty, bloody crime scene in Providence. A burned body in Lincoln. And later, an arrest in Central Falls.

David DeLeon, 19, was arraigned Monday in District Court in Providence on charges that he shot and killed a man on Nov. 20 in Providence’s Lower South Side. The police believe DeLeon then disposed of his victim in a Lincoln field and set the body on fire. 

The first indications of a crime came about when Providence police officers responded to a tip about gunshots on Gordon Avenue at 10 p.m. on Nov. 20. They found a bloody scene.

Maj. David Lapatin said officers believed a shooting had occurred hours earlier and, based on the amount of blood, feared it had been fatal.

Minutes later on that same night, emergency workers extinguishing a brush fire on Lincoln Meadows Road in Lincoln

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