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Clean Up Crime (Literally) On Consoles And PC Later This Year With Serial Cleaner

Videogames often make it easy to murder someone, but can the same be said for the clean-up process? That’s what developer iFun4All has set out to explain with the retro-hued Serial Cleaner, which is coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam this summer.

Taking place in the glorious 1970s, Serial Cleaner places gamers into the shoes of the ultimate crime scene cleaner. With police always on the prowl, you’ll need to work fast in order to mop up copious amounts of blood, dispose of bodies and hide incriminating evidence.

One unique feature is that the title uses real-world data in order to alter the experience based around where you’re playing. Night and day will alter noise levels and “sneakability,” so you’ll want to think about what time it is before you boot the game up. To ultimately succeed in the cover-up, players will

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