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Ladies, PornHub’s Got a Monthly Treat For You

By Sahiba Bhatia

Photo Courtesy: FUPeriod’s website

When I hear the term period sex, I am always reminded of an episode of Californication. The sultry writer Hank Moody and Mrs Patterson, his daughter Becca’s teacher, are getting hot and heavy when she suddenly interrupts their furious making out to tell him that she is on her period.

Hank, the naughty character that I was already growing to love, says something then that makes him even more appealing: “I don’t care about that.” And then they resume.

And now it looks like the (in)famous porn website PornHub agrees with Moody. PornHub is offering a monthly five-day free membership to women on their cycle. With a campaign aptly titled ‘Fuck Your Period’, the website hopes to help women dismiss the stigma that’s chained with sex when they’re red.

PornHub has made a scintillating advertising video which begins with

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