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Tampa man, accused of killing his mother, appears in court

Posted: Jun 01 2017 05:44PM EDT

Updated: Jun 01 2017 06:02PM EDT

– Put aside the alleged murder of his mother and the rest of March 20, 2017, was pretty mundane for Josh Carmona, according to new court documents.

Detectives say Josh Carmona used a baseball bat and a butcher knife to kill his own mother, Tara D’Angelo on her 39th birthday. He then went on with his chores – picking up his half sister at daycare and driving her to a friend’s house, according to the documents.

Hillsborough sheriff’s investigators say he called his girlfriend and a friend and told them he had killed someone and was going on the run,

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Serial killer key suspect in horrific thrift shop killing of Renita Brunton

A serial killer has been identified as a key suspect in the unsolved cold case killing of Victorian thrift shop owner Renita Brunton.

In Wednesday night’s Million Dollar Cold Case, sadistic killer Peter Dupas was revealed as a suspect in a fourth murder with police now offering a $1 million reward for information on Ms Brunton’s death.

The married mother-of-one was murdered inside her second hand clothing store in the middle of the day on a busy Sunbury shopping strip back in 1993.

Dupas is currently serving three consecutive life sentences for murder.

Renita Brunton was murdered in 1993. Picture: 7 News
Serial killer Peter Dupas has been linked to the case. Picture: 7 News

According to police, Ms Brunton’s killer would have left the scene

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Iowa woman acquitted of killing husband sues prosecutor

An Iowa woman acquitted of killing her estranged husband and his girlfriend filed a defamation lawsuit Monday against the county sheriff and prosecutor who brought her to trial more than three decades after the slayings.

Theresa Supino was charged in March 2014 with two counts of first-degree murder in the beating deaths of Steven Fisher, 20, and Melisa Gregory, 17. Their bodies were found on the morning of March 3, 1983, inside a trailer at the Copper Dollar Ranch where Fisher worked and lived outside of Newton.

Supino, 56, was arrested and charged after investigators with the

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Los Angeles Chinatown rattled by double killing at mahjong club

Tiles clacked at the mahjong tables in the main hall of the Hop Sing Tong, the slow cadence of a typical afternoon at one of Los Angeles’ oldest institutions.

The quiet broke when an intruder entered the Chinatown building and started to argue with a man in his 60s playing the game at a felt-covered table. He pulled a knife and attacked the man and another who tried to defend him, slashing both fatally in the neck, law enforcement sources said.

One of the victims was the president of the tong, a Chinese fraternal organisation. The attacker, thought by police to be a former member of the tong in his 30s, fled and is still at large.

Los Angeles police detectives are now trying to sort out a mystery that conjures memories of the violence wrought by tongs in the past.

A law enforcement source told the Los Angeles Times that police believe they

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Homeless man accused of killing delivery man with hammer points finger at friend

UPDATE THURSDAY 9:15 A.M.: The jury has found Jeremiah Roberts guilty of murder and robbery in the slaying of John Sullivan.

He will be sentenced on Jan. 13.


On a cold January evening nearly three years ago, 49-year-old John Sullivan knocked on the door of a home on the city’s west side, court documents say. He thought he was just delivering a pizza.

He didn’t know he was walking into a trap.

Two young men waited on the other side of the door, prosecutors allege. They were drifters, crisscrossing their way across the country on foot or by hitchhiking. A well-meaning woman allowed the two homeless men, Jeremiah Roberts and Derek Romano, to temporarily stay in a barn behind a residence

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Pregnant woman’s estranged boyfriend accused of killing her and her parents, igniting their Jefferson home

Authorities have arrested a local man accused of killing his estranged girlfriend and her parents Monday and setting fire to their home in Old Jefferson, a grisly rampage that included the slaying of a 7-month-old fetus.

The suspect, Jatory Evans, 28, stabbed and set fire to his pregnant girlfriend, Sydney Hanson, in her upstairs bedroom and fatally shot her parents, the authorities said. Hanson’s mother, Samantha Hanson, was said to have been stabbed about two dozen times and shot five times. Her father, Dwayne Hanson, was shot twice.