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Jesse May Still Be Lost but Preacher Found Some Excitement

Last week’s Preacher saw our main trio wandering aimlessly, still at a loss for what to do. This week, they’re still there, but at least the action comes to them. Every show needs slower episodes to keep the more action-oriented ones interesting, but you never want to do two in a row. Even with its strangeness and comedy, last week’s episode began to feel like a slog towards the end. So how do you start to get the team out of their funk? Give them a villain to fight. Herr Starr is now in New Orleans, and he’s just as creepy, disgusting and awkward as we remember him.

Starr is here to kill Jesse, who the Grail agents have identified as a threat to the Holy Child. With a power like The Word, he could easily replace the descendant of Jesus as a messiah. Jesse, on the other hand, is still lost. He

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