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San Antonio Express-News Reporter Elizabeth Zavala Recalls Mood Inside Courtroom

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IMPD: Concerned relative found 3 bodies inside home



Investigation continues at triple homicide, 1800 block Forsythia Dr.
Kelly Wilkinson / IndyStar

She was attracted to the east-side neighborhood near 21st Street and Franklin Road because of its tranquility and welcoming neighbors. She said they’re the kind of folks who would wave, smile or lend a hand without hesitation.

So the shock in her voice and on her face was palpable Thursday morning as she talked about three people being killed in a home just a short walk across the street from her own.

“It’s so quiet. It’s an older neighborhood … a lot of retirees in this neighborhood. So this is very shocking. But things can happen even in the best

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Inside the sparse, rented Balinese room where an Australian father died alone after being ‘stabbed multiple times in …

The heartbroken family of an Australian man found dead in his rented Balinese home believed he suffered a heart attack – until they saw the horrific crime scene photos.

Stephen James Richardson, 63, was found lying on a mattress in his rented home in Sanur in a pool of blood with wounds to his right arm, right cheek, and forehead.

In a graphic image sent to the family by police and supplied to Daily Mail Australia, the beloved father can be seen lying stark naked on a blood-soaked blue mattress.

Local police say a shattered bedroom window and broken glass cabinet door are evidence a violent struggle occurred before his ‘unnatural death’.

A knife was also reportedly found at the scene.

Graphic: Australian man Stephen Richardson, 63, was found lying on a mattress in his rented home in Sanur,<p data-recalc-dims=Read more at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4486728/Graphic-image-Australian-man-murdered-Bali.html

2 stabbed dead inside Maryland Filipino restaurant – ABS

A Filipino restaurant at a mall in Maryland became part of a bloody crime scene on Tuesday.

Angelo Lamont Jackson, 17, is facing two counts of first degree murder after he allegedly stabbed two men with a knife at the restaurant Lumpia, Pansit, ATBP at Westfield Wheaton Mall.

The victims, identified as Angel Alfredo Gomez Pineda and Kevin Siloe Moya Cruz, reportedly tried to defend themselves with bamboo sticks they pulled out from a display at the mall restaurant.

Police are still trying to determine if the suspect and the victims knew one another before they engaged in a fight at the mall.

The victims were taken to hospitals, where they died. The suspect fled the scene, but was later arrested at his residence.

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Inside the Gruesome World of a Crime Scene Cleaner

“It’s like concrete when it dries,” he says while inside a Toronto apartment littered with kids’ toys, recording equipment, drugs, and gun paraphernalia. “But if you start when it’s too fresh, you’ll just smear it everywhere.”

The professional crime scene cleaner is on the site of a shotgun suicide where he gives me the rundown of his process. “I’ll scrape, clean, disinfect, then paint,” Weir says. All of the guy’s possessions will be placed in a storage locker for his family to sort through. “When I’m done, nobody will ever know what happened here.”

Mouldy grow-ops, vicious murder scenes, liquefied corpses—Weir has cleaned them all. He’s lean and wiry with cigarette-stained teeth, needle-short hair, and a distant, muddy stare. And you can tell that he’s seen things that would shatter a sensitive soul. You can also tell that he’s just fine with that.

“That’s someone’s existence that

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