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‘Innocent’ man released from prison — again — after 42 years

After more than 40 years behind bars, a Bronx man Friday was ordered freed by a Manhattan federal judge who said there is enough evidence to suggest he’s innocent.

David Bryant was 18 in 1975 when he was arrested for brutally raping and murdering an 8-year old girl in the stairwell of an apartment complex.

He was convicted in 1976 and is serving of 25 years to life.

In 2010, Bryant found new lawyers, who tested his blood — which had not been done before his original trial.

Blood tests can also analyze semen. And the results showed the semen found on the girl’s clothing was not his.

The result of the testing gave Bryant a brief taste of freedom.

In 2013, he was sprung after a Bronx Supreme Court judge vacated his conviction based on the new evidence.

But he was sent back to the slammer a year later after a state appeals court

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