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Police: Sacramento quadruple homicide suspect confessed to cousin

A week after a quadruple homicide stunned a south Land Park neighborhood, Sacramento police said the suspect initially confessed to the crime to his cousin.

Salvador Vasquez-Oliva, 56, called his cousin last week who then called police and repeated what he’d learned, Capt. Dave Peletta said.

“Our suspect had come to his house earlier in the morning and confessed to something very horrific,” Peletta said. “The complainant then called us and said, ‘It’s very unusual, he’s a relative of mine, but I hadn’t seen him for an extended period time. So, it was very odd that he would come here and throw this out on me.’”

When officers arrived at the home, they picked the lock and discovered, what Peletta described as, a “horrific crime scene.”

Peletta told this information to a group of neighbors gathered for a community meeting Wednesday night, six days after the

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How detectives cracked a 35-year-old homicide case – Yakima Herald





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Double homicide at Old Montrose

The double murder of retired nurse Avis Israel and her son Ronald Israel has sent shockwaves through the small community of Old Montrose and according to a relative, the family is shaken to the core.

Yesterday morning, a friend of Avis, 75 and Ronald, 47, discovered Ronalds body on the porch of their Old Montrose home and alerted the police, who then discovered Avis in the house dead, apparently from head injuries, as appeared to be the case with her son.

Speaking to members of the media on the porch where Ronalds body was found, Avis great nephew Patrick McIntosh told reporters that this was the first time that the family has had to deal with something of this nature and magnitude.

McIntosh was the only member of the family in a frame of mind to speak to the media. He described the murders as a complete shock.

Everybody in the family is peaceful

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911 tape released in connection with Hamilton homicide

“The guy right across the street, we haven’t seen him for a few days, and the landlord was over there today too and he hasn’t been around that house, but she (the landlord) noticed that the front seat of his car was full of blood – a lot of blood,” the caller informs the 911 dispatcher. “I said (to the landlord) you have two choices, you can go home and get your keys and come back or call the police.”

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