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Haverty murder trial Day 3: Bloody crime scene photos shown to jury

(Editor’s note: This story contains subject matter and language that some may find offensive).

Graphic photos of the crime scene, victim and accused were put on display on Day 3 of Sean Wade Haverty’s first degree murder trial Wednesday.

Photos included Schweitzer’s body laying beneath a yellow emergency blanket, a closely-cropped photo of the gunshot wound on Schweitzer’s neck taken at the autopsy, a photo of the bloodstained white T-shirt Schweitzer was wearing when he was shot and pictures of Haverty’s bleeding and badly lacerated face caused by being hit in the face by a glass bong by Schweitzer just before he shot him.

There were also photos of a bullet hole in a door frame, the second shot that Haverty fired that missed Schweitzer.

Members of Schweitzer’s family, including his mother, remained outside the courtroom while the graphic photos were being shown.

The day was spent mostly talking about the blood found at


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