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Can bloody dioramas show how to investigate a murder? These forensic experts say yes.

Former FBI profiler Mary Ellen O’Toole examines the crime scene “Three-Room Dwelling,” a diorama depicting an apparent triple homicide, as part of the Renwick Gallery’s “Murder Is Her Hobby” exhibit. (Bonnie Jo Mount/The Washington Post)

The three forensic experts slowly, carefully examined the horrific crime scene. Three bloody bodies: A woman lying in bed, apparently shot to death; her husband face down on the floor next to the other side of the bed with a large crimson stain on the bed; and in an adjacent room, a baby in a crib, also apparently shot to death. If it were real, it would be too gruesome to look at for long, even for these three crime scene veterans.

In 1937, it was real. Somewhere in New England, the Judson family was found dead in their quaint home, three bottles of milk sitting outside the

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Bio Clean Service Experts Aid in Crime Scene Clean Up in Seattle and Washington

​When life ends in the worst possible way, and after the police and coroner have left, someone still has to clean up. After a thorough investigation, cleaning professionals are called in by the police who help restore the site to its original clean state. The process returning a trauma site to its original clean state is not an easy task as it involves a number of intricate steps.

Bio Clean, Inc., a recognized and reputed crime scene cleaner, focuses on removal of these dangerous aftereffects of a crime. The licensed experts are not only devoted to performing crime scene clean up in Seattle but also ameliorate health problems and to ease potential psychological effects. Since the beginning of the year 1996, they have been performing suicide, homicide, accident scene, blood scene, infectious disease, meth lab, and odor clean ups.

At Bio

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