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Forensic expert describes bloody crime scene

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An Oregon State Police forensic scientist described a violent crime scene in which the victim was bludgeoned multiple times. Although the victim was never named, the beating took place in the same location where accused murderer Edwin Lara said he killed Kaylee Sawyer by backing over her with his car last summer.

The description by Victoria Dickerson on Wednesday in Deschutes County Circuit Court, part of testimony during a seventh day of hearings in the case against Lara, was five days shy of the one-year anniversary of Sawyers murder. Dickerson investigated three scenes believed to be connected with Sawyers murder July 24.

Dickerson testified she investigated bloody drag marks from the edge of Central Oregon Community College parking lot B12. She testified the trail went out of the parking lot, up a hill and

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Frederick Oag trial: Police officer describes finding two men with multiple stabs wounds

Const. Travis Wintjes could see a woman waving him down on Adelaide Street as he and his emergency response unit partner drove up to the site of a reported stabbing.

The woman was near a man in a yellow sweatshirt who was on the sidewalk outside of 150 Adelaide St., just south of Hamilton Road. Another man was in the driveway.

The woman was pointing for him to go to the house. As he walked up to it, Wintjes, who was the first witness at Frederick Oag’s manslaughter trial, said he discovered one more man, this one sitting on the stoop facing the front door bent at the waist with his head between his legs and with one arm over the railing.

“Are you OK? Are you OK,” Wintjes said he asked the man, later identified as Shane Sturgess.

Sturgess, 45, was motionless, Wintjes said. His hair, black leather coat and blue jeans were

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