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Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Serial Cleaner, Syberia 2, more coming to Nintendo eShop this week

Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Lost in a sea of clouds, entire civilizations rest on the backs of Titans. As the giant beasts march toward death, the last hope is a scavenger named Rex – and Pyra, a living weapon known as a Blade. Can you find the fabled paradise she calls home? Command a group of Blades and lead them to countless strategic victories before the world ends. Each Titan hosts its own distinct cultures, wildlife and diverse regions to explore. Search the vast open areas and labyrinthine corridors for treasure, secret paths and creatures to battle and index. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will be available on Dec. 1.

Nine Parchments – Nine Parchments is a co-op blast-’em-up game of magic mayhem. The game combines real-time spell-shooting action with RPG elements. Level up your character and collect magical loot, filling your wardrobe

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Did Dembe Poison Red? What’s Coming up for ‘The Blacklist’?

Say it ain’t so! In The Blacklist’s winter finale, all signs pointed to Dembe Zuma (Hisham Tawfiq) as the culprit who poisoned Raymond “Red” Reddington (James Spader), his murky, mercurial boss. This two-parter finds Red, Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) and her FBI task force hunting to bring the guilty party to justice.

But is Dembe the one? “Dembe knows Red’s deepest secrets,” teases executive producer Jon Bokenkamp. “Who better to betray Reddington than someone who is so close to him?”

Does Red Die in 'The Blacklist' Winter Finale?

Does Red Die in ‘The Blacklist’ Winter Finale?

Red Reddington’s life is slipping away after being poisoned by a ‘Lister’ known as the Apothecary on Thursday night’s episode of NBC’s ‘The Blacklist.’

Fans of the show know Dembe has been indebted to his mentor ever since Red rescued him from a human trafficking cartel as a child. “But he’s starting to

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