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The Cleaners comes to TV from Black Fawn Films

Black Fawn Films, the minds behind horror films AntisocialBed of the Dead and The Heretics, are moving into the television market with a series The Cleaners. The series is being shown to various networks during the Banff World Media Festival.

The Cleaners follows a crime scene cleaner who mops up after supernatural killings, hiding the truth from the world that…monsters do exist. It is created by Cody Calahan and Al Kratina and produced by The Heretics director Chad Archibald with Bed of the Dead‘s director Jeff Maher as Director of Photography. Calahan will also produce the series alongside Black Fawn’s Christopher Giroux.

“We’ve been developing this idea for a while,” said Calahan. “With the support of these companies we will be pitching networks and buyers who we wouldn’t normally have access to. Expanding into the television realm has been a goal for us and our entire team

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Black Fawn Films Looks to Break Into Television With New Series THE CLEANERS

While – from the looks of things; this IS a different project altogether ~ there is a milkoutthenose hysterical web mini series over on crackle with the same name…
might not be for everyone.. (i do have weirdly restricted tastes and preferences for comedies – but it’s smart, it’s edgy, and it’s ridiculous.)

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Black Fawn Films Developing Horror Series The Cleaners

Black Fawn Films presents The Cleaners

Canadian horror collective Black Fawn Films to pitch their 1st TV series at the Banff World Media Festival

Award-winning horror film producers and directors, Cody Calahan and Chad Archibald of Black Fawn Films, are set to showcase their TV series concept The Cleaners, created by Calahan and Al Kratina, to networks at the Banff World Media Festival.

Along with film equipment rental house William F White Int’l and Breakthrough Entertainment, Redlab Digital and Panavision have also come on board to support the project and the creation of a proof of concept, which will accompany their pitch package.

Cody Calahan, writer/director/producer at Black Fawn Films (Bite, The Heretics, Let Her Out) says, “We’ve been developing this idea for a while and with the support of these companies we’ll will be pitching networks and buyers who we wouldn’t

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Black Fawn Films Takes Us to The Cleaners

Black Fawn Films, known for Antisocial, Bite, The Drownsman, and Let Her Out, is venturing into the television series realm with the support of Breakthrough Entertainment and William F. White Int’l. Read on for details.

From the Press Release:
Award-winning horror film producers and directors Cody Calahan and Chad Archibald of Black Fawn Films are set to showcase their TV series concept “The Cleaners,” created by Calahan and Al Kratina, to networks in Banff.

For the first time ever, William F. White Int’l. will allow a production company to take over its social media sites. Black Fawn Films will control the WFW Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channel for three days. While in Calgary, Black Fawn will be making a stop to meet fans at the Calgary Horror-Con on June 11th, where they will be presenting at a panel moderated by Whites Toronto’s own Greg Jeffs. Following that they will

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Online games turn members of the public into crime scene cleaners

My three rules of social media
27th of March 2017

The ECJ site as a new blogger – Laura Napper, managing director of Twilight Cleaning and Facilities Management. She will be writin…

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Crime scene cleaners share the perils of dealing with ‘blood-spattered’ homes where bodies have sometimes lain for …

IF you’ve got a weak stomach, this certainly wouldn’t be the job for you.

A crime scene cleaner has spoken frankly about the grisly encounters he experiences on a daily basis – from the stench of ageing, rotting corpses to blood-spattered walls.

A crime cleaner has spoken frankly about the grisly encounters he experiences on a daily basis

A crime scene cleaner has spoken frankly about the grisly encounters he experiences on a daily basis

Josh Marsden is the managing director of Australian Forensic Cleaning, which he started up having run his own commercial cleaning business for 10 years.

He told how the toughest thing about clearing up a crime scene involving a dead body is the smell.

Josh told Daily Mail Australia: “The hardest part of the job is the odour. It is pretty horrendous when you’re in the middle of it

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Crime Scene Cleaners Describe How Dealing with Death Every Day Changes You

Cleaning. It’s not for everyone, but personally, I quite enjoy it. I’m one of those irritating people who finds distinct satisfaction in the noise of things being sucked into the nozzle of a vacuum or in wiping sticky residue off the kitchen counter.

It’s all strangely therapeutic for me, which is probably the reason I enjoyed Spotless so much— a TV series from Esquire Network featuring a handsome Frenchman who owns a crime scene clean-up business. Cue lots of scenes of him using a cotton-bud to painstakingly rub spots of blood from surfaces, gently wiping down door handles, and methodically using a backlight to check for traces of body matter. His team has the job of tidying it all up, and it’s orgasmic viewing for a neat freak like me.

But this is television: Slick and shiny and all over rather quickly. How easy is it in real life? What’s it

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Business is booming for crime-scene cleaners

Bill Muir was burning out as an operations manager for a beverage company and started looking for another career. When his brother-in-law used a handgun to kill himself, Muir decided to clean up his sister’s place.

Her gratitude for his gesture of grit and kindness gave him an idea. Five months later, Muir became a crime-scene cleaner.

“I wanted to start helping people,” he said one recent afternoon before fielding a call to clean up a homicide scene. “And seeing my sister’s face after … I knew this is how I can help.”

In starting Naperville-based Bio-One Chicago last year, Muir and his wife, Dawn, joined the ranks of a profession that blends the demeanors of a funeral home director and grief counselor with a construction contractor who has a strong stomach and intimate knowledge of biohazard disposal. It also is a largely unregulated profession experiencing steady growth, fueled by increasing fear of

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