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A Game Where You Try To Clean Crime Scenes Without Getting …

Serial Cleaner is a game where you play as a professional crime scene cleaner for the mob. You have to sneak around cops in order to vacuum up bloodstains, pick up bodies and pocket murder weapons. For a game about cleaning, it’s surprisingly fun.
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A Game Where You Try To Clean Crime Scenes Without Getting Caught

Behold, my AMAZING vacuum cleaner, capable of vacuuming grass and eliminating blood stains.

Serial Cleaner is a game where you play as a professional crime scene cleaner for the mob. You have to sneak around cops in order to vacuum up bloodstains, pick up bodies, and pocket murder weapons. For a game about cleaning, it’s surprisingly fun.

Each level is set in a different location: a camping ground, a high-rise office, a log cabin by a swamp. You can hide from police officers in cabinets and storage bins, or duck behind things to break line of sight. Each level has a certain number of items, bodies, and blood splatters you have to clean up with your vacuum (which miraculously, works on grass and doesn’t leave bloodstains). You also have to pick up the bodies

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Crime scene duo clean up

POLOKWANE – Cleaning up the area where a loved one has died is often unthinkable to most people, yet it is something many had to do because there was no one else.

For Yana Mockford and Bonnita Becker from the 24h Crime Scene Clean-up business, what other people won’t do, is their daily job. They are professionally trained to clean up even the goriest of crime scenes, leaving no trace behind.

“The scenes vary greatly from murder scenes to suicides and everything in between. We have an array of chemicals best suited to clean the area along with the necessary safety gear to protect ourselves,” Mockford explained.

“Our head office is in Pretoria and we only recently started our Limpopo branch. We have encountered some scenes that would have even the most seasoned veteran run to the hills since we started late last year.”

24h Crime

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Clean Up Crime (Literally) On Consoles And PC Later This Year With Serial Cleaner

Videogames often make it easy to murder someone, but can the same be said for the clean-up process? That’s what developer iFun4All has set out to explain with the retro-hued Serial Cleaner, which is coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam this summer.

Taking place in the glorious 1970s, Serial Cleaner places gamers into the shoes of the ultimate crime scene cleaner. With police always on the prowl, you’ll need to work fast in order to mop up copious amounts of blood, dispose of bodies and hide incriminating evidence.

One unique feature is that the title uses real-world data in order to alter the experience based around where you’re playing. Night and day will alter noise levels and “sneakability,” so you’ll want to think about what time it is before you boot the game up. To ultimately succeed in the cover-up, players will

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Bio Clean of Utah Proudly Announces Employee Kurt Wohlgemuth’s Certification for Lead Safety Renovation

Utah, 8th Feb, 2017 – Bio Clean of Utah is a well known company located in Utah which specializes in Mold removal, water damage clean up and crime scene cleanup. The company which is encouraging most of its employees to get certified have once again announced the certification of its employee Kurt Wohlgemuth for Lead Safety Renovation.

While it is a well known fact that the restorers need to have all the needed knowledge when they are working on the property to bring it back to the pre damage condition, not every firm invests in the trainings of its employees. Talking about this initiative taken, Daryl Olsen, the owner of Bio Clean of Utah said, “We give a lot of importance to the proper training of our employees. The certification for Lead Safety renovation is of utmost importance to those employees who often work on water and flood damage

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Lawmakers introduce bill to regulate crime scene clean-up companies

Georgia leaders identified an industry in need of regulation after a CBS46 investigation uncovered a crime scene clean-up company last year taking light hearted photographs on the job with people’s personal belongings.

Gordy Powell runs a bio clean-up company called Georgia Clean and said House Bill 149 is long overdue.

“It’s the cost of doing business if you want to do it the right way,” Powell said. “There are companies like ours that should not be in business that take advantage of the victims and are actually re-victimizing families.”

If the bill becomes law, it would mandate that all employees in the industry pass a criminal background check, require that companies obtain a $100,000 surety bond and $1 million in liability insurance.

“This would actually protect the families because you don’t know who’s going inside your home,” Powell said.

Terance Scott owns Atlanta Trauma Services and said House Bill 149 provides too

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Let Professionals Handle Crime Scene Clean Up in Seattle

The experts at Bio Clean, Inc., is committed to providing the victim with quality clean up services from an additional emotional and overwhelming burden.

Lake Stevens, WA – January 18, 2017 – (Newswire.com)

​A fatal accident or a horrific murder is most likely to have a negative impact on the mind. The crime scene might also turn out to be a health hazard if not taken care of properly. Professional cleaning of the crime or accident sites is, therefore, necessary to erase all the memories of the fateful event that might otherwise turn out to be disturbing. Bio Clean, Inc., fully licensed and insured contractor is here to help the individuals with utmost care and professionalism, charging competitive price for crime scene clean up in Seattle.

Armed with latest advances in technology and expertise, the technicians at Bio Clean, Inc., are dedicated

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Bio Clean Service Experts Aid in Crime Scene Clean Up in Seattle and Washington

​When life ends in the worst possible way, and after the police and coroner have left, someone still has to clean up. After a thorough investigation, cleaning professionals are called in by the police who help restore the site to its original clean state. The process returning a trauma site to its original clean state is not an easy task as it involves a number of intricate steps.

Bio Clean, Inc., a recognized and reputed crime scene cleaner, focuses on removal of these dangerous aftereffects of a crime. The licensed experts are not only devoted to performing crime scene clean up in Seattle but also ameliorate health problems and to ease potential psychological effects. Since the beginning of the year 1996, they have been performing suicide, homicide, accident scene, blood scene, infectious disease, meth lab, and odor clean ups.

At Bio

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Mission Resident Left to Clean Bloody Crime Scene

This is a reader-submitted letter from Erin Perusse, a South Van Ness Avenue resident who lives near where Lisa Williams, a 21-year-old woman, was shot and killed on Wednesday, December 7. Perusse wrote to Mission Local concerned about the treatment of the crime scene following the shooting. We are publishing her letter, edited for clarity, with her permission.

The police have not made an arrest in the shooting death of Williams, but on Thursday evening, a vigil was held on South Van Ness for the young victim.

This happened directly in front of our house, and my husband was one of the first people to find her. He ran outside as soon as the shooting stopped. The most terrifying part was that the shooting went on for many, many shots. We consider ourselves very lucky that the gunshots did not hit our apartment.

I am not writing to you however with the purpose

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Crime scene clean-up crew member inspired by own experiences

At the tender age of six, Shalane Botha witnessed an event that no one of her age should ever see – her grandfather committed suicide right before her eyes.

But to her the most devastating memory was to see how cleaning up after the incident affected the emotional state of her grandmother and father.

Shalene Botha, crime scene clean-up crew member cleaning a staged crime scene at a demonstration.

Shalene Botha, crime scene clean-up crew member cleaning a staged crime scene at a demonstration.

Years passed as Shalane tried to understand why those who had cleaned the scene were in a state of emotional decay. For a short period of time, she was oblivious to the effect the incident had on her own mind. But after years of studying forensic sciences, psychology, and crime scene investigation, Shalene began unravelling her family’s tendency to

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