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CCTV footage shows the chilling moment an attacker ‘SMILES’ at surveillance camera before bludgeoning a man to …

CHILLING footage shows the horrific moment a suspect appears to smile up at a CCTV camera before carrying out a brutal attack.

Surveillance clips gave police an insight into the grisly crime, where Reinis Pupolins seemed to lie in wait for his unsuspecting victim before bludgeoning him with a fire extinguisher.

An officer accused Reinis Pupolins of smiling at the camera before attacking the defenceless victim

An officer accused Reinis Pupolins of ‘smiling’ at the camera before attacking the defenceless victim

BAFTA nominated series, 24 Hours in Police Custody, is back with a brand new investigation.

The Channel 4 show, which follows Bedfordshire Police’s detective work around-the-clock, shows the painstaking process of unravelling a case.

In Monday night’s episode, the team are called to the scene after a man walks out of a hotel lift clutching a blood-covered fire extinguisher.

In the<p>Read more at: <a href=https://www.thesun.co.uk/living/3716797/24-hours-police-custody-channel-4-cctv-footage/

The chilling note a notorious teen killer who bludgeoned his mother, brother and sister to death sent a relative as …

  • Murderer Matthew Wayne De Gruchy faces private parole hearing this week
  • In 1996, he bludgeoned his mother and two younger siblings to death
  • He sent a letter to a relative warning things would change when he was released
  • The relative voiced their concerns he could ever be rehabilitated
  • During his time in Goulburn Prison, he was charged over a brutal 2007 brawl 

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Baton Rouge authorities reveal the chilling timeline of murder by ex-Marine Gavin Long

Long shot dead three police officers with an assault rifle in Baton Rouge Louisiana, on Sunday

The Baton Rouge shooter mercilessly executed a Sheriff’s Deputy as he went to help a wounded officer, police revealed today.

Details of Sunday’s shooting have emerged as chilling pictures of the scene where three police officers were shot dead revealed how they were cornered by a dumpster behind a beauty supply store before they were killed.

Shooter Gavin Long, 29, blasted Brad Garafola as he came to help a Baton Rouge Police officer who he had already shot, police said.

Garafola had been taking cover behind a dumpster in a parking lot but came out to aide the cop.

At that point Long came round the corner and opened fire at Garafola with assault rifle.

East Baton Rouge Sheriff

Read more at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3695620/Bloody-crime-scene-photos-reveal-former-Marine-killer-used-training-ambush-six-Baton-Rouge-cops.html