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Charleston Church Shooter Dylann Roof Found Guilty On All Charges

A South Carolina jury has found 22-year-old white supremacist Dylann Roof guilty of all charges in the Emmanuel AME Church shooting that claimed the lives of nine Black parishioners as they gathered for a Wednesday night bible study in June 2015.

The jury convicted Roof of the massacre after two hours of deliberation, following an emotional week of testimony from survivors and multiple viewings of a recorded FBI interview that shows Roof immediately confessing after the shooting.

The jury, comprised of nine white people and two Black people, were also shown photos of the horrific crime scene taken inside the church following the shooting.

Roof, who confessed to authorities that the attack was motivated by his disdain for Black people, was convicted of multiple charges including nine counts of hate crimes resulting in death, nine counts of obstructing the exercise of religion resulting in death and three counts of hate crimes involving an attempt to kill, among others.

According to ABC7 News, the same

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After Mourning the Charleston Shooting Victims, White People Still Voted Trump

People pray outside Charleston’s AME Emmanuel Church two days after Dylann Roof shot nine people. Photo by Mladen Antonov/AFP/Getty Images

McIver said she didn’t want to talk politics. She was mindful about how she
would be perceived, how her words might be used, or misused, no matter how
carefully she explained herself. I want to talk about her, though, because her story upends a central narrative surrounding Donald Trump’s victory, that personal pain makes people susceptible to those, like our president-elect, willing their exploit anguish.

She deftly veered our
discussion away from the 2016 election after I asked her about the possibility
that Hillary Clinton could become this country’s female president. This was in
early February, two weeks before Trump won the Republican primary in our
home state of South Carolina. He’d receive nearly 50 percent of the vote in Horry County, where

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