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Witnesses describe bloody Marchalk crime scene

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POTTSVILLE — Prosecutors presented enough evidence to support all charges against a Barnesville man accused of killing his father on Father’s Day at his Ryan Twp. home, a judge decided Thursday.


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Witnesses describe bloody Marchalk crime scene


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Forensic expert describes bloody crime scene

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An Oregon State Police forensic scientist described a violent crime scene in which the victim was bludgeoned multiple times. Although the victim was never named, the beating took place in the same location where accused murderer Edwin Lara said he killed Kaylee Sawyer by backing over her with his car last summer.

The description by Victoria Dickerson on Wednesday in Deschutes County Circuit Court, part of testimony during a seventh day of hearings in the case against Lara, was five days shy of the one-year anniversary of Sawyers murder. Dickerson investigated three scenes believed to be connected with Sawyers murder July 24.

Dickerson testified she investigated bloody drag marks from the edge of Central Oregon Community College parking lot B12. She testified the trail went out of the parking lot, up a hill and

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New photos show bloody crime scene after cop shoots cafe worker dead next to daughter, 4

After Officer Yanez, 29, was found not guilty of manslaughter, Ms Reynolds released a statement, saying: “I am incredibly disappointed with the jury’s verdict.

“My boyfriend, Philando Castile, was pulled over because, per Officer Yanez, he had a wide nose and looked like a suspect.

“He did nothing but comply with Officer Yanez’s instructions to get his driver’s license. He was seatbelted and doing as he was told, when he was shot by Officer Yanez who fired 7 shots into the vehicle where my four-year-old daughter and I also sat.

“It is a sad state of affairs when this type of criminal conduct is condoned simply because Yanez is a policeman. God help America.”

The victim’s furious mother, Valerie Castile, said outside court: “I’m mad as hell right now. My son loved this city and this city killed my son.

“The system continues to fail black people.”

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BREAKING NEWS: Bloody crime scene discovered – family members missing

A grim scene has been discovered at the residential premises of an apparent house robbery in Northcliff. A witness on the scene reports having seen blood inside the home, while police have confirmed that there were signs of a struggle in the home.

According to a reliable source, an armed robbery was reported at the home last night (4 June) at about 8.30pm.

Police’s provincial spokesperson, Captain Kay Makhubela confirmed that three people had allegedly been kidnapped from their home in Northcliff.



Police say the scene of the crime points to a kidnapping.

He explained the report indicated a man, woman and young woman were taken from the scene.

Police detectives and forensic teams are at the scene of the home in Northcliff. Makhubela said they are making sure that every piece of evidence is collected.

“The family car (a Mercedes-Benz) is still missing but we have no

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Frederick Oag trial: Crime scene photos showed bloody stairwell where Shane Sturgess was found

In the early stages of criminal trials, evidence often rolls out like a jigsaw puzzle — sometimes the pieces don’t seem to fit yet.

The hope is by the end of the case, what seemed unusual to focus on at the beginning will make sense.

So it is at Frederick Oag’s Superior Court trial on charges of manslaughter and aggravated assault, which began before a jury of nine women and three men in London this week.

Oag, 41, has pleaded not guilty to the charges in connection with the stabbing death of Shane Sturgess, 45, and the injuring of Mark Desousa on Nov. 9, 2014.

The basic narrative is that Sturgess and Desousa were heading home from the bars at about 3 a.m. when there was a “confrontation” with Oag outside his residence at 150 Adelaide St. N.

Sturgess was stabbed in the leg, specifically in the femoral artery. He lost consciousness on the front step and died a

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Jury convicts man in bloody 2015 shootout at Melba’s Restaurant in St. Roch

An Orleans Parish jury Wednesday night convicted the man accused of starting a bloody shootout in the parking lot of Melba’s Restaurant two years ago on murder and other charges.

The verdict came a day after one of his friends testified against him.

After nearly five hours of deliberation, the jury found that Janero McBride, 25, took part in killing Toby Roche, wounding another man and shooting at a third man outside the bustling St. Roch chicken and daiquiri shop on May 13, 2015.

McBride was convicted of second-degree murder and two counts of attempted second-degree murder. He faces an automatic sentence of life without parole.

Eleven of 12 jurors in Criminal District Court Judge Paul Bonin’s courtroom voted to convict McBride on the murder charge.

The jury of eight men and four women apparently believed Jacob Love, who testified he was inside a car with McBride when the latter started the shooting. Love pleaded guilty

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Haverty murder trial Day 3: Bloody crime scene photos shown to jury

(Editor’s note: This story contains subject matter and language that some may find offensive).

Graphic photos of the crime scene, victim and accused were put on display on Day 3 of Sean Wade Haverty’s first degree murder trial Wednesday.

Photos included Schweitzer’s body laying beneath a yellow emergency blanket, a closely-cropped photo of the gunshot wound on Schweitzer’s neck taken at the autopsy, a photo of the bloodstained white T-shirt Schweitzer was wearing when he was shot and pictures of Haverty’s bleeding and badly lacerated face caused by being hit in the face by a glass bong by Schweitzer just before he shot him.

There were also photos of a bullet hole in a door frame, the second shot that Haverty fired that missed Schweitzer.

Members of Schweitzer’s family, including his mother, remained outside the courtroom while the graphic photos were being shown.

The day was spent mostly talking about the blood found at


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