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Police Investigating Murder Of 97-Year-Old Man « CBS Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore tallies yet another murder overnight Saturday. This time, a 97-year-old man was left for dead in his east Baltimore home.

Devin Bartolotta has more on how it happened, and what his family is saying in the aftermath.

Police are calling on neighbors to help catch a killer.

The 1700 block of Darley Avenue was always home for 97-year-old Waddell Tate.

“He lived in this neighborhood, everybody knew him. Quiet, mild tempered, he lost his wife several years ago. But he decided to just live here,” says Deborah Broom.

But his home became a horrific crime scene Friday evening, when family found him dead — beaten to death, police say, by an unknown attacker — who appears to have broken in.

Police aren’t sure if this was a robbery or if anything was taken from the home, but did not mince words when talking about the attacker.

Baltimore Police spokesman T.J. Smith calls the crime

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