Before being charged in Richardson cop’s death, gunman and 2nd victim were best of friends

Lithmexay, Gamez’s friend of 10 years, found out about the shooting while at work Thursday morning.

He’d been at the apartment just a few months ago, grilling meat and vegetables on a hot plate, for a “Friendsgiving” dinner that Gamez and his mother hosted.

“He was funny, he was caring,” Lithmexay said. “He was just always there for people.”

Maria Moncada, a bartender at Wizards Sports Café, said McCall and Gamez were always together. They visited the bar once or twice a week. Surrounded by other friends, they’d play pool and knock back Miller Lites.

Gamez was the bubbly one, laughing and making jokes. McCall was quiet, calm.

“They just evened each other out,” Moncada said.

She stopped seeing the pair about a year ago, when they began hanging out at another bar.

But the regulars at Wizards haven’t forgotten about them. The news about the shooting trickled into the bar Wednesday night, leaving Moncada and

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