Police Taking Cadaver Dogs to ‘House of Horrors,’ Testing Victims …

As the investigation into the Turpin family’s “House of Horrors” continues, detectives are facing the grim possibility that some of David and Louise Turpin’s children may not have survived. They are considering bringing cadaver dogs into the home to search for remains.

According to Crime Watch Daily, detectives are seriously considering bringing a highly trained team of cadaver dogs into the horrific crime scene in Perry, California. Investigators who have been into the house claim that it’s a complete mess, with urine and feces everywhere and chains and manacles attached much of the furniture.

Unfortunately, based on the status of the Turpins’ 13 children, investigators now have to consider the possibility that some might not have survived, and there might be more to recover inside the house.

As those 13 survivors recover, authorities may also ask for DNA tests to verify that they’re all related to David and Louise

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