Still no bidders for the house where Molly Martens violently … –

An American estate agent has admitted having serious trouble selling the home where killer Molly Martens brutally murdered her Irish husband Jason Corbett.

The house, 160 Panther Creek Court in North Carolina, has been on the market for months, but speaking exclusively to Paul Healy from The Irish Daily Star, listing agent Vicky Fleming admitted the almost US$400,000 (€327,000) home may need a price drop.

“We have had several people look at the property but we haven’t had anyone take an interest yet.
“Absolutely I have no doubt what happened there has had an effect,” Vicky revealed.
“Obviously I’m not a judge or a jury but there are concerns because of some people’s religious preferences and there are people that simply the history of this home would be of a concern to.”

Asked if she was having difficulties selling the home, Vicky said she was. One person was even interested in buying it,

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