Diane Kruger anchors wrenching tragedy ‘In the Fade’

“In the Fade” does not tell a happy story, not even close. But it is a powerful film, one of the nine shortlisted for the foreign-language Oscar, and it is elevated by Diane Kruger’s superb performance.

An international star and former model who is fluent in both French and English, Kruger had never acted in her native German before. But she was so successful in this film’s difficult role of Katja that her Cannes’ best-actress award last year year was universally applauded. And on Sunday the film, directed by Fatih Akin, nabbed the Golden Globe for best foreign-language film.

“In the Fade” (titled after a song by Queens of the Stone Age, who did the soundtrack) is, at its core, a story of bottomless grief, its cause and consequences. Increasingly disturbing, it offers no relief for its central character. Akin was inspired to tell the story by real-life political events in Germany.

“In the Fade’s”

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