BREAKING NEWS: Bloody crime scene discovered in Waterval Estate (Graphic Images)

Police and security personnel were alerted to a bloody crime scene near Northcliff.

The stabbing took place at about 1pm on 28 November in Botha Street, Waterval Estate, just a street away from the Naidoo family murder/ kidnapping home.

When Northcliff Melville Times was at the scene, the injured man had already been transported to a hospital and the man suspected of his stabbing was in the back of a police van, still at the scene.

SCP Security director, Clive Maher, told Northcliff Melville Times that he had been on the scene at a cottage in the backyard of a Botha Street home, just after the incident happened and described it as bloody.

Maher speculated that the victim could have been involved in satanism after seeing two unfamiliar shrines in the man’s home.

One of the shrines at the scene of a stabbing which

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