Another man’s confession, DNA evidence may pave way for new hearing in 1980 slaying

In 1980, someone killed the neighborhood Avon lady, Emily Leo, in Chester, Pennsylvania. By all accounts, it was a brutal crime — she’d been lured with the promise of a sale and then bludgeoned to death.

A year later, a Philadelphia jury convicted 24-year-old Leroy Evans and 16-year-old Anthony Jones of crimes in Leo’s death that included first-degree murder, robbery, and tampering with evidence.

But Evans’ defense attorney, Michael Malloy, said the evidence presented at trial never quite matched the stories told.

“As I began to read the trial testimony, certain facts made no sense,” he said. “First of all, why was there no blood present at a brutal, bloody crime scene.”

More than 30 years later, Malloy thinks he’s found that evidence — and that it clears Evans’ name. In 2016, Jones gave a nearly 70-page sworn statement, recanting his trial testimony that implicated Evans.

By lying to the jury, “I basically took

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