Next Cult Classic: Stephen King-endorsed The Autopsy of Jane Doe

When you decide to spend Friday night in and marathon horror movies, you may not think of adding supernatural thriller The Autopsy of Jane Doe to a queue that likely includes Stranger Things and all manner of actual Stephen King adaptations. After all, you’ve likely never heard of it.

IFC Midnight’s The Autopsy of Jane Doe first revealed its secrets at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival. While it had a mostly positive reception, reviews don’t always help when a movie isn’t heavily advertised or shown theaters within driving distance for most audience members. You probably couldn’t find it playing anywhere if you weren’t close to a city, or at least a supermall. While Autopsy was even praised by King himself as “visceral horror to rival Alien“, its $6 million profit was hardly enough to make it a blockbuster, so there was no extended run to

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