After a mass shooting, there is no easy answer about what to do with …

Marco Quiroga, who works to support social-justice causes in central Florida, stands at a memorials at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando on May 30. (AP)

It was only a week after a gunman turned a church service into a bloody crime scene, but on Sunday morning the doors of the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs were back open. Thanks to a 30-person team working overtime for 72 hours, the Texas sanctuary was completely revamped, offering a simple, whitewashed tribute to the two dozen victims shot by Devin Kelley.

But even as mourners and community members lined up outside for a few quiet moments in the church, the congregation’s leaders admitted they were considering all options about what to do next with the site — tear the structure down? Built a permanent monument? First Baptist has yet to decide, Read more at: