Chesapeake man charged with shooting friend in face didn’t know how to handle a gun, defense says – Virginian


The shotgun was always there.

Jaonta Wyche and Juan Perry, along with two other roommates, always played with it, detectives said in court Wednesday morning. But Perry said it never contained bullets, the detectives said.

Until April 29.

The four young men who lived in the South Norfolk home were in the bedroom that day, talking and playing video games. Wyche and Perry were playing with the gun, and Wyche cocked it and placed it on the bed, detectives said.

Perry then picked up the gun, with the barrel tilted toward Wyche, and tried to cock it again. Wyche told Perry he had to pull the trigger before cocking it again, so Perry did just that.

The gun then went off, killing Wyche. 

The detectives testified during Perry’s preliminary hearing in General District Court on Wednesday. Perry, 20, who is charged with involuntary manslaughter, is out on bond and has been going to counseling.

Judge Robert MacDonald

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