Gruesome video of Twin Peaks aftermath shown during day 12 of trial

WACO – The grim reality of what happened at Twin Peaks during the biker shootout was made clear to the jury on Thursday as the trial for Bandido Jake Carrizal rolled into day 12. Prosecutors showed video from inside and outside the restaurant after the shooting ended and the crime scene was still fresh.

The video showed an empty restaurant with dead bodies sprawled out everywhere, and blood smeared all over the floor. Amber Richardson, City of Waco crime scene technician, walked through the Twin Peaks shooting video of the scene right after the deadly shootout. Everything from bloody bandanas to guns, brass knuckles, and multiple dead bodies. Richardson was called to Twin Peaks around 2:30 p.m. on May 17, 2015, and was assigned to the patio and interior area of the restaurant.

“Basically, I

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