Jurors Say Menendez Brothers Served Long Enough

The Menendez brothers were sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole on July 2, 1996. Over 20 years after the trial, the ninth juror, Hazel Thornton, believes the brothers have served long enough.

“My blood went cold because I had never seen a killer before,” said Thornton after seeing the brothers for the first time in court. “That was my first jury experience.”

The cold that she felt 21 years ago has warmed up in present day, along with alternate juror Betty Burke Oldfield. Oldfield originally believed the Menendez brothers were “rich spoiled kids that killed their parents.”

“There is no way I would think that today,” she admitted.

‘I Did Not Want to Discuss It With Anyone’

From Mule Creek Prison, Lyle Menendez talks about the confession tape that would ultimately lead to his arrest for the murder of his parents. 

(Published Wednesday, Oct.

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