Verdict over killing of children postponed – The Namibian

THE delivery of the verdict in the High Court trial of a former security guard accused of having murdered his two children by cutting their throats has been shifted to November.

The judgement in the trial of ex-security officer Jonas Penovanhu Shinana (34) was scheduled to be handed down in the Windhoek High Court on Friday, but was postponed to 24 November after judge Nate Ndauendapo indicated his verdict was not yet ready.

Shinana is accused of having murdered his six-year-old son, Matheus Shinana, and three-year-old daughter, Emilia Naatye Shinana, in Wanaheda in Windhoek during the night of 23 to 24 December 2009.

The two children died in the house where Shinana lived after their throats had been slit.

When they were discovered dead on a bloody crime scene on the morning of 24 December 2009, Shinana was found lying next to them on a mattress with a piece of rope around his neck,

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