Death, decay and sex dungeons: Confessions of a crime scene cleaner

Long after the police have left a crime scene, and while a grieving family is still reeling from the death of a loved one, there is a big job that still needs to be done.

The clean up.

You see once the body is taken away a lot of people think it is the police or the council’s job to clean up – it isn’t.

Often relatives or landlords are left to deal with the aftermath of a death – violent or otherwise.

That is when they call George Mensah, a crime scene cleaner who specialises in dealing with the mess left behind in a dignified fashion.

He said: “We get the call, we don’t know what it is or where we are going – but it is never easy.

“It is even worse if people die naturally at home, because it becomes their family or landlords job to deal with what

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