Deputy police chief’s arbitration hearing in Dennis Oland case delayed a year

Saint John Police Force Deputy Chief Glen McCloskey’s arbitration hearing in connection with the second-degree murder trial of Dennis Oland has been bumped back by more than a year.

McCloskey was scheduled to appear before an arbitrator appointed by the New Brunswick Police Commission on Friday, but his lawyer requested the Police Act matter be set over until after Oland’s retrial in the 2011 bludgeoning death of his father, multimillionaire Richard Oland.

“A recent conversation between the Deputy Attorney General’s office and the Commission’s representative has led the Commission to conclude that it is now in the best interest of justice to agree with Deputy Chief McCloskey’s request to adjourn the arbitration hearing to a date after the evidence in the second Oland murder trial has been completed,” the commission’s executive director Steve Roberge confirmed in an email to CBC News.