Confession Tapes Netflix Series: The New ‘Making a Murderer’?

sebastian burns, atif rafay, burns and rafay, sebastian burns and atif rafayMugshots

Sebastian Burns {l} and Atif Rafay {r}.

The Confession Tapes is Netflix’s latest foray into the realm of true crime and police procedural, and, specifically, into the fallibility of confessions, especially involving teenagers who are manipulated by law enforcement into confessing to crimes for which there is no, or minimal, forensic evidence pointing at them.

First, with great fanfare, came Making a Murderer, which focused on the story of a once wrongfully convicted Wisconsin man, Steven Avery, and his teenage nephew, Brendan Dassey. Part of what drove the outrage among viewers of that Netflix series: The videotaped confessions between Wisconsin law enforcement officials and Dassey, which formed the core of the case against him (the evidence against the older Avery was more complex and also

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