Couple’s marriage unraveled long before husband killed wife and friends in Plano mass shooting

“We just had this fire, this chemistry,” Spencer told a friend about his attraction to Meredith.

Records show the couple got married in Collin County in September 2011. They exchanged ceremonial vows during a Caribbean cruise the following year.

Spencer started out as a loving husband, Lane said. Meredith documented those happy first years on Instagram: the concerts, the home-cooked meals, the Game of Thrones watching sessions.

“Pretty much what I live for,” she wrote under a selfie with Spencer in early 2015.

But Lane said she and her husband noticed something was off with Spencer. When they visited the couple, he would retreat to his room and to his computer. It wasn’t until later, she said, that the Lanes discovered he had a drinking problem.

Guns, knives and swords

A friend of Spencer, who briefly dated him and asked to remain anonymous because of her fear of social media attacks, described a free-spirited guy who loved dogs, art and

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