Crime scene cleaning: Not a job for the faint-hearted

|     Goeran Gehlen     |

KASSEL, Germany (dpa) – There’s a distinct smell of death, and maggots are already crawling out from underneath the door. This is the kind of scene Sinisa Matokovic and his colleagues can face on any given day.

They are crime scene cleaners, venturing where few others will dare after the police have finished their work, and their services are much in demand in the German city of Kassel, where they are based. For property owners, they are a godsend, since many homes would be uninhabitable without their work.

Matokovic enjoys his job. “It’s full of variety,” says the 40-year-old. Carrying out the work is a question of mind over matter, he adds.

The company he works for, Tohr, employs a director of operations and five cleaners. Manager Dominik Kracheletz, a qualified funeral director, says the impetus for the business came from the customers. Whenever the undertaker came to collect

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