Traumatised dad


AN elderly father was traumatised Sunday after he witnessed one of his sons shooting another son during a domestic dispute at their home on Delacree Road in St Andrew, while a third had to run to escape bullets after a gun was aimed at him.

Dave Coke, 42, a bus driver, was shot and killed by his 39-year-old brother, an accountant and a licensed firearm holder. He was later taken into police custody for questioning. A woman was allegedly shot and injured during the fracas.

According to investigators from the Hunts Bay Police Station, the incident occurred about 11:15 am.

The distraught father, Mervin Coke, was so weakened from his experience that he could not stand and had to sit outside the horrific crime scene on a chair.

“Mi couldn’t manage when mi see, mi couldn’t stan’ (stand) up,” said Coke, who said he felt like he was a going to faint after witnessing

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