Deer Causes $80K Damage At Melbourne Funeral Home After ‘Going Nuts’

A Melbourne funeral home was said to have looked like a “horrific crime scene” Thursday afternoon after a 250-kilogram feral deer crashed into the place and chased a worker into the chapel before “going nuts,” reports said.

The animal was said to have smashed a window before chasing a worker into the building, Managing Director James MacLeod of Tobin Brothers Funerals at Ringwood, Victoria, told ABC News.

MacLeod said that the animal was “going completely nuts” inside the chapel and smashed into furniture and walls, also injuring itself.

“It was bleeding and it’s like a horrific crime scene in here,” he said. 

MacLeod mentioned that a funeral was scheduled to be held in the chapel on Thursday night but was relocated due to the damage caused by the rampage.

“The family were understanding but they didn’t quite believe it,” MacLeod said.

The damage has been estimated to be about $80,000 and the chapel has made alternative arrangements for

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