Game review: Serial Cleaner – crime-scene clean-up concept is great, but like all bad stealth games, it’s repetitive

Serial Cleaner

Curve Digital

3/5 stars

A great idea can be sometimes easy to come by. Great execution, on the other hand, can often be a little harder. You probably know people who believe their genius plans are going to take the world by storm, but in fact their ideas rarely bear fruit.

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Serial Cleaner (available for PC and PS4) probably should not have gone further than a late night light-bulb moment. In the game you are a professional cleaner – one of those guys in hitman movies who do the dirty work once all the killing’s done. The crime scene clean-up concept’s great, but it sounds better than it actually is.

The gameplay is classic stealth, following the old school Metal Gear Solid formula of evading the fuzz while hiding dead bodies. On those rare occasions that it works well, Serial Cleaner stands

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