Son admits killing his mom and two brothers with a crossbow because he feared they’d expose his lies about having a …

A Toronto man admitted to killing his mother and two of his brothers with a crossbow out of fear of losing his fiancée three weeks before their wedding.

Brett Ryan, 36, appeared in court on Friday and pleaded guilty to first-degree murder of his oldest brother, Christopher, and two counts of second-degree murder of his mother, Susan, and his younger brother Alexander.  

He also pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of his older brother Leigh, according to the Toronto Star

The family members were discovered at the home on August 25, 2016 suffering from serious wounds with a crossbow lying nearby. All three died at the scene.

Ryan planned his 66-year-old mother’s death because he feared she would expose the lies he had told to his fiancée, but according to the statement of facts in court, he only intended to persuade her not to mention his

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