Did Rafael Robb Plot the Perfect Murder?

A police car at the Robb home in January 2007. Photograph by Matt Rourke/AP

Gary Gregory drove toward his sister’s house that afternoon with a short workday in the rearview mirror and a happy week ahead. His sister, Ellen Gregory Robb, had spent years trapped in a loveless marriage, trying to save the relationship until the fall of 2006, when, during one of their furtive phone calls, she confessed, “I don’t want to do this anymore.”

Gary seized the moment. “Maybe you should go.”

Ellen raised practical concerns: Her husband, Rafael Robb, a University of Pennsylvania economist, earned all the family’s money; their daughter, Olivia, was only 12.

“How will I pay for a divorce attorney without Rafi knowing?” she asked. “He controls all the money! How will I ever support me and Olivia?”

“Don’t worry about money,” Gary told her. “I’ll pay

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